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Have been asking yourself the question, "how do I get more clients?"
It's a common question I get a lot from consultants and coaches. That's because clients are the lifeblood of any consulting and coaching business.
Yet many consultants and coaches struggle to get clients... So how can you get clients for your business?

I was in the same spot as you over a year ago.  I had taken my part time consulting business and made it into a full time venture.  The thing was I still had all the same bills to pay, etc.  I hadn't realized that I really hadn't a sound strategy for getting new clients.  

It was scary.  I felt flustered, scattered in a bunch of directions... and even panicked at times.  And i didn't want to appear desperate to existing or potential clients.  And every day that ticked by that I didn't have a solid lead... I'd get more anxious.  Friends and family would ask "how the consulting business was going" and I'd cringe.  So I know how it feels.
People Can Smell Desperation
I know what it feels like to be anxious and scared.  But remember: don't be desperate.  People can small it a mile away.  And you'll suffer for it.  

You might be tempted to lower your rate, or bid low on a project, or cap the cost of a project.  But don't do it.  I'll come back to bite you later.  I've let it happen to myself.  And I've seen it happen to other consultants.

Instead be confident and matter-of-fact.

The key is to keep working on future prospects, and business.  
Take Action To Prevent Future Problems
Now things are going very well.  That's because I always take time to keep the pipeline full of new business.  

But it didn't happen overnight.  It took time to build up that pipeline.

But if you are now like I was over a year ago, there are things you can do to start filling up your own pipeline.  I've put together a toolkit to help you, the consultant, get more leads and sales so you too can build up your business.  

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